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This feeder will accommodate any feeding job at a speed of 10 000 documents per hour. It is very sturdy with few adjustments required to set the machine according to document size and thickness.

Suitable for : prefolded leaflets, brochures, cards, envelops, square books, die cut documents…

  • Document size :  from 90 x 90 to 320 x 350 mm
  • Maximum Insert thickness : 8 mm (up to 15 mm according to test)
  • Speed variable : up to 40 K/h  depending on material
  •  Options vacuum feed, bulk feeder, card gluer, reading, online printing…
  • Power: 230 V 5 A
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Dimensions  (L×W×H) :  500 x 400 x 400 mm


Our feeder solution has a multiple of various applications from bench free conveyors to integrated feeding into finishing/packing lines. Our feeders have been designed so that they can upgrade any document processing line ranging from simple track base to more complex feed/collate systems with online finishing. We can make our feeders compatible with other brands like BUHRS, CMC, SITMA inserters or polywrappers.

Video application : stand alone configuration with flat Autoloader taking up to 2000 documents with online separation feeder and inkjet printing. The ink jet vacuum base can be removed and easily connected on a polywrapp or inserting system

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