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The MS10 is a production mailing machine including a folder to process A4 sheets into DL, C5/6 or C5 envelops. It can be accommodated with additional insert feeders to add brochures, leaflets and booklets to the main folded letter at a speed of 10 000 mail pieces per hour. The rugged construction associated with the latest feeding and programming technologies offers a very easy set up with few adjustments required according to document and envelop size. C4 flat inserting can also be handled with a dedicated feeder.

Suitable for:

Simple transactional mail requiring speed and resistance for bulk mailing.

Direct marketing mail shots with various documents in size, shape, thickness…

Main technical features:

  •  Document size : up to A4
  • Envelop size : C6/5, C5 option C4
  • Maximum Insert thickness : 6 mm (8 mm with test approval)
  • Speed : 10K/h up to 12K/h according to documents
  • Options C4 format, vacuum feed, bulk feeder, card feeder/gluer, reading, online    printing…
  • Power : 230V, 25A
  • Weight with 2 inserts : 350 kg
  • Dimensions with 2 inserts (L×W×H): 3 700× 2 100 x 1 200 mm
  • Video application : A4 sheet C folded + 1 insert into C6 envelop.
  • Running speed: 10 500 envelops per hour


The MS10 inserter becomes a very productive equipment to handle any complex transactional document mailing requiring fast paper feeding, strong folding capacities and accurate code reading.

 Suitable for:

Billing, payroll and  statement inserting in large volume

Matching of digital print documents with personalized adverts

 Additional technical features:

  • Speed (sheet feed) : (40 K/h with code reader) up to (50 K/h without code reader)
  • Number of collated sheets : up to 20 unfolded
  • Number of folded sheets : 8 in one fold, 6 in C or Z fold
  • Speed : 7000 mail pieces per hour (average of 3 sheets folded together)
  • Reading : camera for BCR and 2D DATAMATRIX, optional OMR and OCR
  • Options : C4 format, vacuum feed, matching readers, online printing…
  • Power : 230V, Mono 16A
  • Weight with 2 inserts : 450 kg
  • Dimensions with 2 inserts (L×W×H): 4 400× 2 100 x 1 200 mm
  • Video application : 3 X A4 sheets, feed/collate/fold into a C6 envelop.
  • Running speed: 7 000 envelops per hour

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